Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Interview with Gweall

Hey, all! I am happy to say that Gweall and I have finished the interviews :)  Hope you all enjoy this little glimpse into who we are and what happens when we work together!
Don't forget to visit Gweall's Blog to see my interview responses!! 
What is the weirdest thing we have ever talked about when we SHOULD be writing/editing a story? (Because my version of weird and your version of weird are two totally different things)
~ Ugh, I have a terrible memory so this is a hard question. We (and by we I mean I) get distracted WAY too much. There was that time I ended up just reading about serial killers and fucked up parents for three or four hours. But all together I think most of the time we get distracted by ourselves. How many times have we ended up talking about how sexy one of our characters is? Good god, it was so hard to write Of Mice and Men, because we just kept drooling over Carey and Ethan.

Which one of your stories is your favorite?  Why?
~ Probably Free at Last. I can connect to it a lot and it has my favorite character in it (Nikolai) The only thing I wished I had changed about it was Anna. I hate kids so it was super hard to fit that character anywhere without it seeming forced. My cute-detector for children is also broken, so I have no clue if I was writing her as cute or over the top. But besides that,, Richard from beauty and the beast made that story one of my favorites as well ;) It's all about the characters and how I get along with them (I know that sounds crazy, but work with me here)

If you could make one wish, what would it be?
~To have more wishes.

What inspired you to write your first m/m erotic story?
~I'm not really sure. I guess I identify as bisexual but m/m relationships always seemed to mean more to me than hetero ones, or even f/f. I can't really explain why, they just seem like there's more love in them, and hotter sex ;)

Do you plan on trying to get any of your stories published?
~Nope. I love my readers, and I would love to have more. I would especially love to make money off of this, but I don't like what getting published has done to other authors in the past. I'm I write my stories to help people through tough times in their life, I don't need to get paid to do that so why bother? I would probably gain a lot more readers and lose a few, and from experience I know that I wouldn't be able to keep up on my free work and published work, and out of the two I will always pick the former.

Why did you choose me as your editor? (And don't just say 'lack of options', lol)
~Honestly though, there was a lack of options. I did get four or five emails, yours happened to be the first. I also remembered your name for several, several, SEVERAL Comments. You're critisism was always helpful and you seemed to follow me like around like a pet dog (I like dogs.) and I knew that you wouldn't get bored and leave. The fact that I didn't have to look for you, but that you came to me (a very big difference, since all my editors in the past I've gone to them.) was a big part of it, I knew that this was something you wanted to do, not just something to do in your free time because I asked you. Boy what a good choice I made there, too ;)

What do you enjoy doing when you're not writing?
~Nothing. Honestly. I really don't have any free time. I work, I come home, I write, I sleep (three or four hours if I'm super lucky) I try to squeeze some food into my mouth and I get back to work.

If I came to dinner, what would you feed me?
~Southwestern beef tenderloin, with a killer mustard jalepeno sauce. Sauted trio of brussle sprouts, grape tomatos, and pearl onion. All underneath a to-die-for rice pilaf.

What has been the greatest compliment you've ever been given by a reader?  The toughest criticism?
~Toughest criticism was probably on Survivors Ch.01 on Literotica. Someone said it was and I quote "The movie should get at least some acknowledgement for the premise without the gay twist and exchanging a viral outbreak for drugs" Basically "This was exactly like that one movie I saw this one time, except all of these differences." -.-Genius. It probably wasn't even the toughest, but I think it peeved me the most since the commentor was a complete Douchecanoe. The REAL "toughest" one was on the same story, it was like four paragraphs long so here's just a snippet "I'm assuming Gavin and Pike are going to have a sexual relationship, but there's no hint that they're attracted to each other--not even a single sentence about their impression of each other or what either of them looks like. It's riddled with typos ('they're' instead of 'their,' missing words, etc.) and it's not well thought-through." I blame the typo thing on Kitten, she edits herself so I didn't send it to Gbc (who I'm pretty sure was edting for me at the time.)

What are your favorite television shows?
~Doctor Who, Doctor Who, Doctor who, Doctor Who, Doctor Who, and Doctor Who. I love the Doctor, he's disgustingly beautiful. Now before I get into a rant, I also watch My little pony (don't judge me >:O) Bones, Glee (though this season is starting to blow ass, breaking up Kurt and Blaine? Duh hell?!) Switched at Birth, and every other terrible TV show you can think of. I know I have bad taste in Television, leave me alone.