Monday, January 21, 2013

Some good and some not-so-good news

Hello, all!

Just a quick update as to what has been going on.  I'm sure many of you saw Gweall's post... and since you know I'm his editor, I figured a little explanation was in order.

~The good news...

I know I have been MIA for a few months.  I haven't posted anything on my blog, and I haven't commented on others like I usually do.  I do have some ideas and thoughts that will be coming out this year--- one of them being that I have recently read a book, and plan on posting my thoughts on it.  It should be up in a day or so :) 

~Now-- onto the not-so-good news...

As Gweall mentioned in his post, we've encountered a few bumps in the road.  He had 2 surgeries the other day and I was in a pretty serious car accident.

I was on my way home from work Friday night when it happened.  We've been getting snow off and on for the past several days, so the roads weren't super great... but they weren't terrible either.  There was a car turning in front of me and their speed had been erratic.  Rather than risk sliding into them, I took the little right-pass lane they have at the intersection.  I caught the slush and it sent my ass-end into a hella crazy spin.  I hit the lip of snow (from all the plowing) on the edge of the road and flipped.  My seatbelt came off mid-flip and I ended up just holding onto the steering wheel for dear life.  I rolled at least 1 time, and ended up coming to a rest on the passenger side in the middle of the snowmobile trail.

A few awesome guys stopped to help me, of which I'm very grateful for.  One of them held the driver's side door open so I could climb out and the others helped me jump down.  I was lucky that I wasn't more injured.  I have a large bruise on my right thigh (from hitting the under-side of the steering wheel), a bruise on my shoulder and hip (from the seatbelt... before it came loose), I bumped my face (around my left eye), and also bumped my head on the roof.  All in all... I am incredibly lucky.  I was the only car involved, the airbags didn't deploy, I didn't injure anyone on the snowmobile trail, I was able to walk away, I have no broken bones, and not a single drop of blood was shed.  The vehicle, however, was not so lucky (it's totaled... or so I'm 99.9% positive it will be).

I'm ok... mostly.  I have a hard time walking, the knot/bruise on my thigh hurts like a bitch.  My joints are fairly achy and I've got a few bruised spots that have popped up over the last day or so.  But, I know how lucky I am that those were the only injuries I sustained.

This was the first and only accident I've ever been in.  I guess when I do something, I do it in grand fashion!!

I'm thankful it all turned out the way it did.  After seeing pics of the car in the daylight... I shouldn't have been able to walk away like I did.

And as my husband told me (to help lighten my mood, because I was pretty pissed that I fucked up the one good vehicle we had)... "Geez babe, if you wanted a new car all you had to do was ask!"